Harriet Tubman Day of Commemoration March 10, 2012- 122nd and Frederick Douglass Blvd, Harlem NY~ “Freedom or die a slave!,” declared Harriet Tubman (1819/20-1913) who freed herself and 300 others from enslavement in the mid-19th century. Tubman’s legacy resounds today in the lives of heirs who move unrestricted and make choices with few constraints. The statue is the brainchild of former Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields. Omoye Cooper of Albany, NY and Elizabeth Fulcher-Rankin of Brooklyn are co-chairs of the Black Women’s Leadership Caucus, Inc. (BWLC) host organization which was formed in 1999 during a meeting at the Tubman Homestead in Auburn, NY of women and men involved in the history of the Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman. Alison Saar, sculptor was also present. Currently, the group is producing a short documentary about Harriet Tubman, featuring interviews with descendants, historians and and distinguished educators, including Adelaide Sanfor, former Vice Chancellor, NYS Board of Regents. Open to the public. Black Women's Leadership Caucus, Inc. WWW.BlackWomenLeadeshipaucus.com e-mail Tubman1913@Yahoo.com 718.393.7957 www.BlogTalkRadio.com/BlackHistory