Discover Paris! - Discover African-American History in Paris Sunday December 11 @ 6pm EST. Join the Owner of Discover Paris on The Gist of Freedom Internet Radio show at Discover Paris! plans personalized itineraries that allow you to enjoy this beautiful city without having to spend days or weeks researching the information that would make your visit special.All the way from Paris, author Carolyn Moncel joins The Gist of Freedom Guest host, Kimi Rhocelle As an African-American owned business, Discover Paris!â„¢ is uniquely positioned to offer you a rare opportunity to discover the vibrant legacy Africans and African-Americans have created as they influenced many events throughout French history. The existence of a strong Black-American community in Paris dating back to pre-WWI has lured many legendary cultural figures to the City of Light. We offer a variety of personalized itineraries that lead you to the sites and neighborhoods where notable African Diaspora artists, writers, musicians, and intellectuals lived and created in Paris. We invite you to retrace the steps taken by such famous African Americans as Josephine Baker, Richard Wright, James Baldwin and Langston Hughes.