Peter Stewart, Underground Railroad lectures on The Gist of Freedom Internet Radio Show, ~The person who came to be the most important leader of the local underground railroad movement from the 1830’s through the 1850’s is Stephen Myers. Other significant figures came and went, but Myers remained in Albany throughout the period. It is without a doubt that Stephen Myers assisted thousands of individuals to move through Albany to points west, north, and east on the underground railroad. At first, in the early 1840’s he used his own resources and the Northern Star Association, which he headed, and which published his newspaper. Later, in the 1850’s, he was the principal agent of the underground railroad in Albany. Under his leadership the Albany branch of the underground railroad was regarded as the best run part of it in the whole state by some. He was born in 1800 in Rensselaer county as a slave, and freed at eighteen. Over his life he worked as a grocer, and steamboat steward, but started his journalistic enterprise in 1842. His wife, Harriet worked with him on the paper. He was a leading spokesperson for anti-slavery activity and rights for African Americans. His newspaper was called the Northern Star and Freeman’s Advocate. In its pages he writes about temperance, rights of African Americans, the need to abolish slavery and many other things. Later in his life he had other publishing ventures including the Pioneer, and Telegraph and Temperance Journal.