New push to restore Paul Robeson Theater~ The Bedford-Stuyvesant group, 500 Men Making a Difference, The volunteers, who worked for 72 hours straight,observed Martin Luther King’s birthday by doing demolition inside the main floor. It was her aunt’s dying wish - and now Dr. Josephine English’s niece is on a mission to “It was her dying wish to me: ‘Get that theater up and running,’” said Joanne English Rollieson, 50, whose aunt, a prominent obstetrician who delivered Malcolm X’s six children, died last month at age 91. save her crumbling Fort Greene theatre. Rick Davy, the acting managing director plans a $2 Facebook fundraising drive next month: Each donor gives $2, and asks friends to give $2 plus ask their friends to donate. Paul Robeson Having organized the National Crusade to End Lynching in 1946 with Dr. W. E. B. DuBois and Albert Einstein, Robeson led an integrated delegation to Truman’s Oval Office to petition him to support National anti-lynching legislation. In response to President Truman’s statement that this was not a propitious time for legislative action, Robeson replied that if the Federal Government refused to defend its Black citizens against murder, Negroes would have to resort to collective armed self-defense. President Truman angrily terminated the meeting. Read more: