The following day, Garrett went to a studio in Los Angeles where Jackson was recording his album. She assumed she would sing backup vocals, or at best, audition for a vocal part. ``The next thing I knew,`` Garrett said, ``I was standing across the mike from Michael Jackson. I thought to myself, `If God had a plan for me, I had no idea it would be so spectacular.` For Garrett, 25, things have gone from ``Bad`` to better. Much better. Just a few months ago she was just another backup singer and songwriter living in Los Angeles. A week later, Garrett got a call from Jones. ``Quincy told me, `You know, Michael really likes the song, and he wants to record it,` `` Garrett said. Jones added, however, that it needed more lyrics. He began to suggest changes over the phone but was continually interrupted by somebody singing and humming advice in the background. Finally, Jones left the phone and somebody else picked it up. It was Michael Jackson, to whom Garrett had never spoken. Hear Siedah tell the rest of the story on The Gist of Freedom,