A few guests of The Gist of Freedom gathered from all over the country via the Internet and read Eugene Gordon's vintage Crispus Attucks script in two sessions. The Gist of Freedom is pleased to present Another Side Of The Story by Eugene Gordon, 1920. Please feel free to download the script and share it! The Gist of Freedom would like to thank, Actor Fredric Michaels, NYC, - Crispus Attucks; Actor Derrick Mcqueen, NYC ~ Gray; Host, Dave Romeo, NYC- Paul Revere; Host and Filmmaker, Gary Jenkins, Kansas City, MO~ Jake, Soldiers, Officers, Redcoat; Black Inventor, Granville T. Woods Archivists and Reenactor, David Head Detroit MI- Sam, Tom,& Henry; Play in your default player Download this episode Open in new window Reading of a vintage Script ~ Crispus Attucks (1723? - March 5, 1770) was the first American to die for the Revolutionary cause: "The first to defy, the first to die." Attucks was shot in the "Boston Massacre," the first fight leading up to the Revolutionary War. Attucks was the American son of a native African father and a woman belonging to the Natick Indian tribe. As a young adult, Attucks escaped his "owner" in Framingham, Massachusetts, and went to sea as a whaler and worked as a ropemaker in Boston, Massachusetts. He learned to read and write, and studied government. Attucks went to many anti-British meetings to discuss unfair taxes; he wrote to Governor Thomas Hutchinson (the Tory governor of Massachusetts) to protest these taxes. On March 5, 1770, Attucks and other Patriots (Colonists who were against British rule) fought with the Red Coats (British soldiers) at Dock Square in Boston in an unofficial skirmish. Attucks was the first of five people to die in the fight. The soldier who shot the Patriots were tried for murder, but most were acquitted (the future US President John Adams was the lawyer for the British soldiers); the acquittals further enraged the people of Boston.