Abolitionist and Philanthropist, Gerrit Smith used his wealth to support the anti-slavery movement, he hosted the first New York Anti-slavery convention (3,000 attendees). To bypass the 250 acre poll tax for Freed Blacks 100 for Whites, he purchased land for 3,000 African Americans in North Elba, NY one of the homes of John Brown. His barn was used in the Underground Railroad. Gerrit Smith's estate is on The National Freedom Trail and a national landmark. www.gerritsmith.org 315-684-3262 Nat'l Abolition Hall of Fame & Museum, www.AbolitionHoF.org Gerrit Smith Estate, National Historic Landmark www.gerritsmith.org www.TheGISTofFREEDOM.com WWW.BlogTalkRadio.com/TheGISTofFREEDOM