Author Zetta Elliott, thank you for giving The Gist of Freedom another great interview. The Teaching Tips are appreciated as well! Zetta -"Yesterday at the African Burial Ground National Monument we had a fantastic conversation with Ranger Cyrus Forman about Catherine Ferguson, a formerly enslaved woman who founded the first Sunday School in NYC and adopted more than 40 orphans, black and white, to save them from the streets; she also knew from experience the challenges faced by unwed mothers and so worked to save them from scorn. Ferguson lived just a few blocks from where I teach (Warren Street), and I can’t wait for my students to find out about NY’s rich history when we visit the AFBG as a class this week. Tomorrow I meet with the PR department at my college; there’s a banner on the BMCC website announcing the launch of Ship of Souls at the AFBG next Saturday. I’m ordering the cake today—stop by and have a" slice!