In 1895, Dr. Nathan Mossell established the Frederick Douglass Memorial Hospital, the first black hospital in Philadelphia. In 1895, Dr. Mossell The second private black hospital in the city. Established in 1907, Mercy Hospital would "meet the objectives for which it [Douglass] was organized -- that is giving opportunities to Negro doctors to get incalculable benefits from hospital practice." The two hospitals operated independently for the next 40-odd years. Though he was outspoken and oftentimes, fierce with his language, Dr. Mossell was also one of the most highly educated and qualified surgeons at the turn of the 20th century. As a man who made a career in preserving life, he could not fathom the finality of his own contributions. Even at the age of 90, the physician spent his final hours continuing to practice medicine. He may have been stubborn and quite controlling, but he was also a dedicated medical practitioner.