CNN's Black Tech Entrepreneurs: Black in America Four, Ignores History~ Silicon Valley should be called Latimer Valley, or Carbon Valley in honor of The African American Inventors Lewis Howard Latimer and Otis Boykin. Silicon is the material used in high tech semi-conductive components such as the L.E.D., the computer chip (I.C.) and the transistor. Silicon semi-conductors are the direct result of the evolution of the carbon filament. Latimer during the invention of "Thomas Edison's" light bulb patented the Carbon Filament which was used to control the flow of current which allowed the bulb to glow and emit light. Latimer was also instrumental in the development of the Telephone. Alexander Graham Bell, seeking a device to aid his deaf mother and wife sought Latimer’s assistance. In 1906 the Vaccum tube, a second generation or modified Light Bulb was used by Bell Labs in the advancement of the telephone. In the 1950's with the use of Silicon, the Vacuum Tube quickly evolved into today's modern components the transistor, the L.e.d. and the computer chip . Finally in 1959 , Otis Boykin, an engineer entrepreneur and HBCU graduate invented and patented the resistor. Like Latimer’s carbon filament in the light bulb, Boykin used carbon in his resistor to regulate the flow of current. CNN along with Silicon Valley should pay tribute to these legendary inventors , Lewis Howard Latimer and Otis Boykin for their contributions. For no one can dispute the fact that every electronic consumer product created in Silicon Valley depends on the principals of controlling current, initially, solely with the use of carbon and today we also use silicon, thus we now have Silicon Valley.The Gist of Freedom blog talk radio show View our newsletter http://​​/fs012/1103923442265/​archive/1108435718369.html — Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App